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We at Microbio Laboratory are an independently contracted Laboratory specialized in all kinds of Microbiological testing.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified Laboratory and ISO 9001 for the past decade. Our team is headed from the knowledge derived by an FDA approved microbiologist with 40 years experience in microbiology assays, sterility testing, preservative tests, limit tests, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) test, antibiotic susceptibility test (AST), Bacterial Endotoxin testing (BET) and we also handle all testing queries and problems related to microbiology.

Our services include IP, USP, BP, AOAC, JP, EU Pharmacopoeia and other methods of analysis. We are catering to all the needs of today's cosmetic, food, dairy, probiotic, drugs, pharmaceutical, personal care, household, medical device, clostridium test for gelatine, environment sampling and other miscellaneous industries.

Other than testing services we also provide training in microbiology, microbiology lab setups & various consultancy services related to only microbiology.

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